Air Fryer Magic: A Delightful Journey To Baking Your Favourite Pie

A classic Steak and Ale pie is British gold. Pies with a flaky crust and rich fillings have been a culinary masterpiece for centuries. Here is an idea, how about we take this to a whole new level of deliciousness?

Introducing the air fryer, a kitchen gadget which has revolutionised home cooking.

Who doesn’t love a warm, flaky pie that melts in your mouth with every bite? Now imagine achieving that perfection with the modern wonder of an air fryer!

Whether you are a kitchen novice or a seasoned chef, using an air fryer to bake or warm up your favourite pie is an adventure worth taking. Throughout this blog, we are going to discover why air-frying pies is a complete game changer and creates delicious dishes with minimal oil.

The air fryer: A revolutionary kitchen appliance

The air fryer has definitely taken the UK by storm, with one in three people owning one, it is the biggest kitchen revolution since the microwave! The days of preheating an oven for a lengthy amount of time are well behind us!

Being versatile and easy to use are just two of the benefits of an air fryer, the major one is how energy efficient they are. Recent tests have shown that an air fryer uses 50% less energy than a conventional oven and comes with a much quicker cooking time, which saves you both time and money, which is always positive in today’s world. The air fryers technology ensures that your pies crust is beautifully crisp without excessive oil but also retains the pie’s moisture and flavour, resulting in the perfect balance between a flaky crust and delicious filling. The world of air fryers continues to grow, with over 18,600,000 results in Google for this search term there are a fair few options of air fryers to choose from. Whether you narrow down your choices by size, compartment capacity, dishwasher safety, or the extras the air fryer comes with (such as shelves, bases, cupcake holders, the list goes on), be sure to pick an air fryer which is practical for you.

We recommend using an air fryer to cook your pies, trust us, it’s good!

Whether you are heating up a scrumptious pie or making your own from scratch, we can definitely say they will taste amazing, with a crispy pastry and perfectly tender pieces of meat.

Always check the instruction on your pie, but on average, a pie takes 30- 40 minutes in an oven, however, in the air fryer, 20-25 minutes seems to be perfect! (This is a rough calculation for cooking in an air fryer; please remember to check the packaging as that will have the most accurate timings!)

Oven Cooking Temp – 20 degrees = Air frying Temp

Oven Cooking Time – 20% of the time = Air frying cooking time

If you have a dual-compartment air fryer, you can cook your side dishes simultaneously alongside your pie (making it even quicker!)

We recommend pairing a traditional pie with chips/mash, some fresh garden peas and lashings of gravy.

Embrace this innovative and modern cooking method and savour the joy of perfectly baked pies with a delightful crunch and tantalising flavour.

Are you going to air fry your pie next time you cook?

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