Pies to Cure your Sweet Tooth

There’s nothing better than a sweet treat to top off your dinner, so we’ve put together a list of the most popular but also some of the most intriguing dessert pies that will be sure to get your grandma’s approval! 

Mince Pies 

Legend has it, Oliver Cromwell banned mince pies and even Christmas pudding in the 1600s because they were being over-eaten. Who knew there was such a thing as eating too many mince pies at Christmas? 

Mincemeat came about as a way of preserving meat without having to cure, salt, or smoke it. 

Now voted Britain’s top sweet pie, the mince pie has gone from originating in England many moons ago and is now enjoyed all over the world. 

Cherry Pies 

Hit the rewind button back to the 1500’s and that’s when sweet pies first began. The cherry pie was one of the first of its kind and is said to have first been served to Queen Elizabeth the 1st. 

They were traditionally baked with sour cherries, but nowadays, baking with sweet cherries has become much more popular. 

There’s even a National Cherry Pie Day on 20th February! 

Rhubarb, Strawberry, Balsamic & Thyme Pie 

Have you tried this recipe? 

Whilst it’s not necessarily the top ingredient that would come to mind when baking a pie, thyme gives a lovely herbaceous flavour to the dessert. 

The rhubarb, however, can often be a pain when baking and can sometimes go runny and soften the pastry, but macerating it in sugar should do the trick! 

Banoffee Pie 

A true classic (and a tasty one if we do say so ourselves), the infamous banoffee pie was created back in 1971 by the owner of The Hungry Monk restaurant in Sussex. Their head chef had recently been to America and had suggested adding the Blum’s Coffee Toffee Pie that he’d discovered there to the restaurant’s menu. 

Rather than making a carbon copy, they tried and tested it until they got it just right – bringing you the banoffee pie! 

Cracker Pie 

Similar to lemon meringue pie, this is actually a pie with no crust and is made with either crackers or ritz to give it a chewie, brownie-like texture. 

Its key ingredients include crackers, walnuts, nuts, and meringue. The cracker pie is really quick and easy to make and is very tasty. 

Lemon Meringue Pie 

This is the 4th most searched-for dessert pie recipe in Britain. This was even a top favourite of Abraham Lincoln’s! 

Top tip: if you get a watery filling every time you bake a lemon meringue pie, cook the filling in two intervals to preserve the thickness of the filling. Over cooking this causes it to go runny. 

Cook the sugar and lemon juice with the cornstarch until it starts to thicken. Add the eggs second and then cook the filling again until really thick and voila! 

Apple Pie 

Let’s not forget this classic! 

Apple pie is one of the earliest dessert pies and is now enjoyed home baked, in restaurants and fast-food shops across the world. 

If you’re craving an apple pie but don’t have any apples, did you know you can make a “mock apple pie” using various spices and crackers? 

It’s often complimented with different types of cream, custard, ice cream, and apparently cheddar cheese too! 

Earning its own dedicated day, May 13th is the annual National Apple Pie Day. 


We hope you’ve learnt some fun facts about your favourite desserts and given you some new recipes to try too. 

Lemon meringue pie with a piece of pie sliced out.