The Great Debate Between Sweet & Savoury Pies

The age-old debate of sweet pies versus savoury pies has been tantalising taste buds for generations. As comfort food classics, pies have found a special place in our hearts and on our plates. But which shall win? The heart warming embrace of a savoury pie or the delightful indulgence of a sweet one? In this culinary exploration, we have dived into the depths of both in an attempt to settle the score once and for all.

Savoury Pies

A hearty savoury pie has a long history that spans across cultures. From the traditional British steak and kidney pie to the Italian classic chicken pot pie, these creations have stood the test of time for their satisfying flavours.

Savoury pies often incorporate a broad range of ingredients, combining meats, vegetables, herbs, seasonings and gravy to create the perfect balance of tastes and textures. The flaky, buttery crust and the rich filling within is true bliss.

The versatility of savoury pies is one of their defining features. Whether you are craving a warming winter meal or a quick lunch on the go, savoury pies deliver. They can cater to various dietary preferences, accommodating vegetarians and meat lovers alike. The balance of flavours in a savoury pie can be truly astounding, and their ability to capture the sense of nostalgia only adds to their charm.

Sweet Pies

Sweet Pies burst with flavour, the natural sweetness of fruits or the richness of chocolate and cream; sweet pies are a showcase of dessert brilliance. Whether it is the classic apple pie, the timeless berry tart, or the rich pecan pie, these desserts are often the biggest contenders for family gatherings and special occasions.

Sweet Pies can be visual masterpieces with vibrant colours of fresh fruits, the glaze of berry compotes, and the lattice crusts all contributing to their allure. Sweet pies are not just a treat for the palate but also a feast for the eyes.

It is all down to preference!

The Balance of Preferences: The decision between sweet and savoury pies ultimately comes down to personal preference. Some individuals love the savoury complicity of a pie that marries flavours in unexpected ways. Others are drawn to the sweet symphony that highlights the natural beauty of ingredients while satisfying sugar cravings.

Who wins?

In the sweet vs savoury pie debate, there is no clear winner. Both categories have their highs, and their appeal lies in the emotions they evoke, the memories they invoke, and the tastes they deliver. Whether you are seeking comfort in a flaky pastry filled with rich meats and vegetables or indulgence in a sugary bliss of flavours, pies stand ready to fulfil your desires.

Perhaps the true beauty of this culinary battle is that you do not have to choose. Alternate between sweet and savoury pies to experience the full spectrum of pie pleasure. Let your mood, the occasion, and your taste buds guide you on this delectable journey, and savour every bite, whether it is a chicken and mushroom pie, or a heavenly spoonful of apple pie coated in custard.

Selection of sweet & savoury pies in a bakery window