Pie-tastic Adventures – Unusual Pie Fillings

Pie lovers, prepare yourselves for an adventure like no other. We’re about to dive fork-first into the world of unusual pie fillings that will leave you both intrigued and maybe a little hungry. Pies aren’t just about steak or apple anymore; we’re talking about flavours that’ll make your taste buds water and your eyebrows raise. Let’s jump straight in with an interesting, sweet pie…  

The Chocolate Avocado Pie  

Have you ever considered mixing the sweet, glorious taste of chocolate with the creamy greenness of an avocado – well, in Louisiana, they have! The chocolate avocado pie is a marvel for the health-conscious, sweet-toothed humans. It’s so velvety and delicious that you’ll hardly believe it’s packed with good fats and antioxidants. Go ahead, have a second slice – it’s practically a salad, right?   

The Sawdust pie 

Don’t panic – this pie doesn’t actually get its name from the addition of sawdust but instead from the visual of mixing together all the ingredients. This is an Amish family favourite, the ingredients simply are cookie crumbs, pecans and coconuts, sounds delicious, right? This fluffy textured delicacy is unlike anything you’ve ever tried.   

Vinegar Pie   

Believe it or not, this pie is a dessert, and apparently a tasty one. This pie gets its apple-pie-like flavour from cider vinegar; this pie dates back to when produce was scarce. Tips say to add nutmeg and whipped cream, and this pie is an absolute delight! Bored and feeling like baking? This pie is perfect if you’re on a budget.  

Would you dare try any of these sweet pies? Let’s move on to the savoury pies; the first one sounds right up our street!  

Caribbean Macaroni Pie  

This traditional Caribbean pie might be a bit strange if you’ve never had it before… especially if you are used to eating creamy mac and cheese. The texture is different due to the fact the cheese isn’t melted into the sauce! For Macaroni pie, you simply shred the cheese and mix it into the cold egg and milk mixture before baking. This gives you pockets of cheese throughout the pie instead of a creamy cheese sauce. The beauty of this dish is the fact it can be personalised so easily; whether you add spice, breadcrumbs, herbs or bacon, this pie can be tailored to your cravings. It sounds good to us! 

Stargazy Pie   

Perhaps the most famous and strangest of all the Cornish fish dishes. Traditionally eaten on 23rd December – to honour Tom Bawcock (a famous fisherman). Legend has it he braved the sea during a wild and stormy winter, getting a catch so large he saved the village from starvation. Made with herrings, creamy potatoes and lots of seasoning, does this dish sound up your street? Just mind the fish heads poking through the pastry to look at the stars.  

Funeral Pie   

And the winner for the weirdest name ever for a dessert goes to the funeral pie. This pie (more appropriately named raisin pie) is commonly served at Amish funerals, hence the morbid and depressing nickname. Unless your family has a sick sense of humour, we’d suggest sticking to “raisin” pie when putting this one on your menu. Made with cinnamon, allspice and a handful of raisins, this rich and moist pie is sure to be a hit with the whole family!  

There you have it, a whirlwind tour of some of the world’s most unusual pie fillings. From avocado to vinegar, these pies prove that creativity has no limits in the culinary world. Next time you’re after a slice of pie, don’t just settle for the ordinary, seek out the extraordinary. Who knows what delightful surprises you might uncover in the world of pies? 


3 pies placed on a table covered with a decorative table cloth