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We bring you all the latest news, most interesting facts and historical knowledge on the British pie. From traditional feasts in the olden days featuring juicy meat pies, to fresh local pies from the local shop or delivered to your door welcoming you after a hard day at the office, every type of pie has a home here!

Chicken pie about to be served.

Good Ol’ Classic British Pies you can Still Buy Today!

12 June 2023

Pies – one of the major stamps that puts Britain on the food map! Whether you like it savoury or sweet, pies have been evolving since the Medieval times and you can still buy some of the top classics that we all know and love today.  From tupperware to our national dish (yes, you heard…

A selection of freshly baked pies

This Year’s British Pie Awards Winner – Leeson Family Butcher

5 May 2023

Most of us Brits love a pork pie, and the Leeson Family Butcher came out on top at this year’s British Pie Awards, walking home with gold for Best Pork Pie!  Amazingly, the family butchers have a collection of over 100 different awards just for their pork pies and sausages.  Based in the East Midlands,…

The Life of Pie: The Evolution of Pie Pastry

20 April 2023

It is believed that historically pies became known as the food for travellers and workers in the colder northern European countries, with regional variations based on the available meats and cereal crop in the local area. The Cornish pasty for example is a version of a pie adapted to suit someone needing to take and…

The Origin of the British Pie

13 March 2023

The Origin of the British Pie The British pie is an iconic culinary dish that has been around for hundreds of years. It’s a savoury pastry filled with meat, vegetables, and other ingredients. The history of the British Pie can be traced back to Medieval times, when it was a popular dish among the nobility.…

Historic Pies – How Pie Making Has Changed Through History

8 March 2023

Pie has been a beloved dish in Britain for centuries. Over the years, methods of making and cooking pies have changed dramatically due to advances in technology and new ingredients being discovered. Here’s a look at how pie making has evolved through history. The earliest form of pie dates back to ancient Egypt as early…

Best of British Sides for Your Pie Dinner

1 March 2023

Whether you’re hosting a pie dinner or just looking for the perfect accompaniment to your favourite regional pie, there’s no shortage of traditional side dishes that are sure to make your meal complete. We’ve rounded up some of the best British sides that pair perfectly with any type of pie. Mash potatoes are a staple…