Good Ol’ Classic British Pies you can Still Buy Today!

Pies – one of the major stamps that puts Britain on the food map! Whether you like it savoury or sweet, pies have been evolving since the Medieval times and you can still buy some of the top classics that we all know and love today. 

From tupperware to our national dish (yes, you heard us right – pie crust was once used as tupperware rather than food), which savoury pie is your favourite? 

Steak and Kidney or Steak and Ale? 

One of the top meat pies in Britain, the steak and kidney pie, is perfect if you’re after a tasty rich dish for your supper, filled with a delicious red wine sauce. Unless you prefer the steak and ale… 

Steak and ale pies have been dated back to the 18th century; a combination of gravy-licious steak pieces and vegetables that are traditionally served on New Years’ eve in Scotland. 

Chicken and Mushroom Pie 

Creamy, so creamy…is there a better feeling than walking into your local takeaway and ordering a freshly cooked chicken and mushroom pie? 

Chicken pie actually originated from Greece and was better known as ‘Chicken Pot Pie’. Chicken would be cooked in pastry shells called ‘artocreas’ and then Romans eventually added top crust to create the pie. 

Cheese and Onion Pie 

A much-loved vegetarian option, the cheese and onion pie is still the most popular meat-alternative pie in Britain, commonly sought after in bakeries, supermarkets, cafes and more. 

Rewind a few centuries, the cheese and onion pie was commonly indulged in by the working class due to the cheap ingredients it took to make this pastry dish. 

Chip Shop Chicken-Style Curry Pie 

That feeling when the curry sauce warms your stomach, such a cosy feeling. 

Chip shop-style curry sauce was said to have come about in the 1970s. 

All the supermarket pie brands like Iceland, Pukka and your local chip shops of course, have jumped on the bandwagon to keep offering this delicious warming pie. 

Game Pie 

One for the meat lovers, this extremely British and traditional pie is packed full of game-meat to clench your hunger. 

In the 16th century, pies were stuffed with whatever meat was available at the time, which is where the recipe originated from. It’s now packed with meat like venison, pigeon, and pheasant. 

This pie is often on the dinner menu throughout Autumn and Winter during the game season. 

When you’re planning the week’s dinner schedule, remember this guide to bring a delicious British supper to the dinner table. 

Chicken pie about to be served.