Best of British Sides for Your Pie Dinner

Whether you’re hosting a pie dinner or just looking for the perfect accompaniment to your favourite regional pie, there’s no shortage of traditional side dishes that are sure to make your meal complete. We’ve rounded up some of the best British sides that pair perfectly with any type of pie.

Mash potatoes are a staple side dish throughout Britain and the perfect accompaniment for any savoury pie. With its buttery flavour and creamy texture, mashed potatoes add an extra bit of indulgence and comfort to any pie dinner. You can also add different toppings such as cheese, chives, bacon or even horseradish depending on your preference!

Another classic is bubble and squeak – a traditional dish made by frying leftover vegetables in a pan with mashed potato. This dish is thought to have originated during World War II when people had to make do with whatever ingredients they had available to them. It pairs well with pies like steak and kidney or pork while adding some crunchy texture to your meal too!

Other popular sides include carrots & parsnips roasted in beef fat (known as ‘scrunch’), colcannon (mashed potatoes mixed with kale or cabbage), braised red cabbage, homemade bread rolls or Yorkshire puddings made from batter-mix topped with gravy for extra indulgence. The combinations are endless as long as you keep it classic British fare!

So when planning out your next pie dinner don’t forget about the sides – they can take it from good to great in no time! Whether you opt for traditional dishes like bubble and squeak or something more adventurous like scrunched carrots and parsnips, these best-of-British sides will guarantee that your guests go home happy – and hopefully full too!