Pie Pairings: The Perfect Drinks for Your Favourite Pies

Pies are undoubtedly one of the most versatile and beloved dishes around the world. Whether you’re savouring a warm slice of apple pie or indulging in a savoury Steak and Ale, there’s a pie for everyone. How about considering the perfect beverage to elevate your pie to the next level? We’ll explore the art of pie pairings, offering recommendations that complement both sweet and savoury pies, from hot drinks like coffee to more hearty options like Craft Ale or Port. 

Sweet Pies and the perfect companions 

Let’s start with a timeless classic – a warm apple pie with its buttery crust and sweet cinnamon-spiced filling. If you’re looking for the perfect liquid pairing, a steaming cup of coffee or a fruity white wine is the way to go. The coffee’s boldness contrasts with the sweetness of the pie, creating an incredible balance, whereas the crisp white wine pairs smoothly with the pie. 

A classic Mince Pie, very popular around the festive period. This rich pie filled with joy and festive glory is paired perfectly with a light pour of port. The combination of nutty flavours within the port match perfectly with the dried fruits and nuts of a mince pie. The port will help balance the richness of the mince pie and make the whole experience even more enjoyable.  

The Lemon meringue pie is a delicious staple and perfect for sharing with the family! With a sweet and tart lemon filling topped with peaks of billowy meringue. It’s a splendid pie containing the ultimate combination of textures with the perfect balance of tart and sweet flavours. We recommend pairing this masterpiece with a crispy white wine such as a Sauvignon Blanc or a classic glass of Champagne.  

A true classic, the Banoffee Pie, originates from the American Toffee Pie, us Brits couldn’t create a carbon copy of this, so we made an even better version! (And it’s rather tasty if we say so ourselves). Recently, a new revelation has been produced: a boozy banoffee pie! We have upped banoffee pie stakes with the addition of spiced rum. We would recommend pairing this delight with a spiced rum-based cocktail such as a Rum Punch or a Dark and Stormy. 

Savoury Pies and Unique Combinations 

The Homity Pie is a Devon classic, created with potato, onion, leek and cheese, deeply filled into rich wholemeal pastry. Add an addition of Spinach and a hit of nutmeg for a biker twist. This pie is homely, hearty and wholesome – what more could you want from a pie? We would pair this with a cold white wine, maybe a Chardonnay. 

A Steak and Ale Pie – this British staple is renowned around the world. This rich, delicious and comforting pie has the perfect beverage in its title – Ale. A true craft ale is the best to go for; we would recommend a Tribute as the perfect accompaniment. This elevates the flavours packed within the pie and goes perfectly with the chunks of braised steak and butter pastry. Our mouths are watering; are yours? 

The Potato and Leek pie is a vegetarian staple when it comes to pies! It contains a punch of flavour with earthy potatoes, leeks, and a creamy mature cheddar cheese sauce. It makes for a delightful dish to share, or not (we suspect you won’t want to share it’s that good!). This creamy delight pairs perfectly with a light and zesty white wine, a Chablis is the perfect choice! 

Shepherd’s Pie is a hearty British dish with creamy and cheesy mashed potatoes layered on top of a rich and bubbly beef and vegetable stew. This pairs well with a rustic red wine, such as a Merlot or a Malbec. The wine’s bold flavours complement the savoury goodness of the pie, making for a delightful dining experience. 

The Fish pie is a family staple, the creamy recipe brings together cod and smoked haddock with a fluffy potato and parsley topping. This ultimate comfort food goes perfectly with a Muscadet as its qualities cut through the creaminess of the pies sauce. 

To conclude, pairing the perfect beverage with your favourite pies can enhance the overall dining experience, creating a delightful collection of flavours. Whether you’re enjoying a classic sweet pie or devouring a savoury pie, there’s a drink out there to elevate your pie enjoyment! The next time you’re indulging in a slice of pie, consider the perfect companion to sip alongside it.  

Cheers to the joy of pie pairings! 

Pie with a coffee which is being poured. All sat on a wooden table.