The Great Debate Between Sweet & Savoury Pies

Selection of sweet & savoury pies in a bakery window

The age-old debate of sweet pies versus savoury pies has been tantalising taste buds for generations. As comfort food classics, pies have found a special place in our hearts and on our plates. But which shall win? The heart warming embrace of a savoury pie or the delightful indulgence of a sweet one? In this…

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The Life of Pie: The Evolution of Pie Pastry

It is believed that historically pies became known as the food for travellers and workers in the colder northern European countries, with regional variations based on the available meats and cereal crop in the local area. The Cornish pasty for example is a version of a pie adapted to suit someone needing to take and…

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The Origin of the British Pie

The Origin of the British Pie The British pie is an iconic culinary dish that has been around for hundreds of years. It’s a savoury pastry filled with meat, vegetables, and other ingredients. The history of the British Pie can be traced back to Medieval times, when it was a popular dish among the nobility.…

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